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Exploring the World's Classroom

Exploring the World’s Classroom, where we specialize in providing transformative travel experiences for students at the school and college level. Our mission is to inspire and empower young minds by creating immersive journeys that blend education, adventure, and cultural exchange. Through our carefully curated itineraries and dedicated team, we aim to foster personal growth, global awareness, and a lifelong love for learning.

Our company was founded with the idea that students should have the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom and experience the world in a hands-on and engaging way. We believe that educational travel is one of the most effective ways for students to learn and grow, and we are committed to making that a reality for as many students as possible.

Our team consists of experienced travelers, educators, and professionals who are passionate about creating unforgettable experiences for students. We take pride in our attention to detail and our ability to plan trips that are not only fun and exciting, but also safe and educational.

At our company, we strongly believe in the benefits of outdoor education for students. That’s why we specialize in providing exciting and immersive outdoor experiences that are designed to help children and young adults grow and learn in unique and exciting ways.

We collaborate closely with educators, school administrators, and parents to create customized itineraries that align with curriculum objectives, meet educational standards, and provide hands-on learning opportunities. We offer a wide range of trip options, from domestic to international destinations, and our trips can be tailored to fit any budget.

We believe that travel is a powerful tool that can transform students’ lives and inspire them to become lifelong learners, curious explorers, and responsible global citizens. Join us on a trip and let us help you open the door to a world of learning and adventure!





Gunjan Chawla​

CEO, Founder​

As a management postgraduate with over 13 years of experience in various industries, I am a highly regarded business professional. My expertise in sales, strategy, and team management has consistently delivered exceptional results. However, my interests expand beyond the professional sphere, as I am also an avid travel enthusiast. Exploring different cultures and adventures has been a lifelong passion of mine, leading me to explore opportunities as a travel entrepreneur. Through my various travels, I have come to deeply understand the transformative power that travel can bring to individuals' lives. It has provided me with invaluable experiences that cultivate empathy, kindness, and a deeper understanding of the natural world and other humans. I am passionate about introducing travel to the education industry, as I believe it is a vital tool in creating well-rounded, empathetic individuals with a greater appreciation for our diverse world.

Gaurav Bhardiya

Environmental Advocate, Wildlife Enthusiast

Gaurav Barhadiya is the Founder of Brunt and an Assistant Professor at the University of Delhi. Brunt is an organization that aims to bridge the gap between the public and nature and promote the conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity. Through nature walks and treks, Brunt promotes public awareness, education, and sustainable coexistence with urban biodiversity.

Nishtha Joshi

Walk leader, Cultural Story teller

Nishtha is an expert in Mughal history and possesses impressive oral history skills. She holds a master’s degree in Political Science and a certification in Digital Marketing. Her love of travelling and exploring new cultures has led her to become a dedicated blogger, writer, foodie, and social media enthusiast. Nishtha excels in History, Food, Culture, Gandhi Walks, and Festival-based walking tours. She is an engaging guide, providing visitors with memorable experiences. She firmly believes in human connections and her creative thinking makes her a valuable asset in any social setting. Nishtha’s diverse skillset makes her an excellent professional. She has a natural ability to connect and engage with people. Nishtha documents her experiences to capture the essence of every moment.

Abhinav Pratap Singh​

Content Evanglist

As an IIM Bangalore alumnus, I have over 15 years of experience in various industries. My passion for exploring offbeat paths has taken me to destinations both within India and abroad. For me, travel is an essential part of life that provides opportunities to connect with nature, oneself, and the community. I firmly believe that traveling early in life helps one develop self-awareness and shape their personality. My interests include travel, trekking and hiking. I also enjoy astrophotography and capturing my experiences. Additionally, I am fascinated by the cosmos and continuously seek to learn more about the universe.